Tsitsikamma Village Inn

The Hotel’s Hunters Pub was a hunting lodge that was built in 1841 to accommodate hunters that walked into the area to hunt game in the surrounding forests. In 1860, Thomas Bain constructed the road from Plettenberg Bay to Kareedouw through the Tsitsikamma. This 184 km road took 4 years to complete with the help of 200 convicts. Just past the Tsitsikamma Village Inn is the original pass – at the time the pass was so narrow, it was only open to traffic in one direction each day. Travellers waiting for their turn used to outspan in the Hotel’s ground.

In 1888 the Hotel’s reception building was built as a manager’s residence for the first sawmill in the area. Overnight accommodation was later added, and in 1943 the Tsitsikama Village Inn was registered as a Hotel. In 1994 it was decided to replace the old buildings, and a well-known architect, Martin Rattray was called in to design unique accommodation. He suggested designing the rooms as period colonial houses about a Village Square. His proposal was accepted and all the old rooms were replaced and new ones added incorporating the original stables. Twenty-two bedrooms were built around the Village Square and the hotel was renamed as The Old Village Inn. The name was later changed to Tsitsikamma Village Inn.